Fox & Feathers for Your Pleasure

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From the va-ttoo to the vajazzle, in 2010 the kept its readers in-the-know on the latest trends to keep your lady-parts looking HOT.

One would assume a saturation point had been reached and we had heard the last of ways to glamorize your nether-regions; not so fast. Just last week, a colleague of mine pointed out the latest development that has PETA outraged (but really, when are they not?). As seen on New York Magazine’s site, spa chain Completely Bare (owned by former Housewife Cindy Barshop) is now offering the “Foxy Bikini” and the “Carnivale Bikini.”

And yes, it is exactly what you are picturing. For $225 or $195, respectively, your freshly waxed skin is covered by a patch of neon-colored fox fur or feathers.

And while I can’t think of a more frivolous reason to skin an animal, what concerns me more is not the type of woman that decides to get this glued to her body, but rather the reaction from the unassuming partner when this animal down under is unleashed.

Posted by Emily

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