TITANIC: Round Two

Image via Sodahead.com

There’s been a lot of crazy shit going on in the cruise industry as of late. First, Royal Caribbean announced that a specialty cruise with plastic surgery darling/reality TV fame whore Kate Gosselin is slated for August—at between $2k-$5.5k/person—and then the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Italy, allegedly because its captain had tried to pass too close to shore to allow the head waiter to salute his family (give me a break).

These two horrors have roused quite a bit of debate in the mm/c office—are cruises good or bad? Having been on my fair share (read: 3 or 4), I believe they have their place—I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Belize and Turkey among other beautiful locations—but they’re totally cheesy, often occupied by classless Americans, and generally plain old bizarre. My dear colleague, Hannah, even believes their place is on this list.

But enough about that. How about checking out the Titanic Memorial Cruise?! Yes, folks, you read that right. Following in the doomed “unsinkable” ship’s path, the cruise—already completely sold out—sets sail on April 8th from the original port-o-call, Southampton, UK. From there, these Titanic-fanatics and daredevils will travel to the exact spot where 1,517 people died exactly 100 years ago. After two days of reflection—natch—the ship will continue on the Titanic’s original route (provided it doesn’t encounter any icebergs) to New York City. While on board, passengers can enjoy the same food & drink served in 1912 and even wear period costumes!

Does this freak anyone else the f*ck out?! Maybe I’m a bit of a believer in karma and curses, or I just think there are some things best left undone, but this is just wrong. I totally admit to being super intrigued by the disaster—when I was younger, I read books, perused artifacts at the traveling exhibit, and, yes, fell in love with the movie (sidenote: Titanic 3D? VOMIT!). Hopping on board a replica of arguably one of the biggest disasters of the 20th century? Pass.

File this one under: Be careful what you wish for.

Posted by Haley

One response to “TITANIC: Round Two

  1. I read about this! Don’t get me wrong – dancing in period costumes sounds fun. But who has to play the people in steerage? Will there be a moment when they “strike an iceberg” – and then they all get in lifeboats and go home? Will people throw priceless jewels into the water? (If so, I’m getting my scuba license, stat.) It all just seems…in poor taste.

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