More Like an Un-Happy Meal

Image by //ZERO via

How desperate would you have to be to peddle your body to strangers—Chicken McNugget-desperate? According to Khadijah Baseer, the answer is a resounding yes. Finding herself at a $0.99 deficit for the heavily processed orbs of “chicken,” Baseer offered oral sex to drive-thru customers at a Burbank, CA Mickey D’s in exchange for her treat of choice. Alas, the craving went unfulfilled and all she got was a misdemeanor solicitation charge. Gotta admire her tenacity though!

Perhaps if she caught a glimpse of the mechanically separated meat paste that makes up those nugs, she’d have at least opted for a Big Mac. Don’t sell yourself short, honey! Go for the KFC drumsticks next time!

Posted by Abby

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