Hipster Redemption

The hipster backlash has been quite active for the last few years, so there’s really nothing left to say about it. Yes, they’re pretentious, annoying and lack self-awareness. The same can be said for a million other subcultures.

While I harbor mild disdain for the hipsters, I do have to give them their due when it comes to Cuppow, a snappy (double entendre alert!) lid attachment developed by a few Somerville, MA friends and manufactured in the good old US of A. Kind of like a baby bottle nipple for adults, the Cuppow allows you to use a (hipster favorite) Mason jar as a travel mug. Brilliant!

These kids have also created a pretty cool video ad for the product—you can check it out on Bon Appetit’s blog.

While the road to redemption is a long one for the hipsters, this is a step in the right direction.

Posted by Amelia

One response to “Hipster Redemption

  1. These make my closeted hipster heart so happy! Please note I am open to early graduation gifts.

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