I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really Want

When I was just a feisty, albeit dorky, sixth grader, the coolest thing (in my humble 12 year old opinion) happened—Spice Girls.

The hit single “Wannabe” shot to the top of the charts, and like just about every other tween girl and aspiring Adam Lambert, I became obsessed. Pretending to be fiery redhead Sexy/Ginger Spice, natch, I locked myself in my room with my karaoke machine and belted out the lyrics to each song accompanied by my own choreography. My little sister even joined in the fun, taking on the role of Baby Spice, which considering she was only 5, today seems both fitting and seriously inappropriate. On the other hand, this group promoted girl power, and I learned a lot:

Smilin’, dancin’, everything is free—all you need is positivity!

Make it last forever—friendship never ends!

Set your spirit free—it’s the only way to be!

The reason for my admission and trip down [embarrassing] memory lane…word on the street is that a reunion might not be too far off. While fans and industry insiders have been hoping for and whispering about this for years, it looks like the Girls are in talks for a potential ‘nostalgic performance’ at the London Olympics this summer. Um, YES PLEASE! And, like my fellow colleague, Amelia, who’s followed Hanson’s career (and even attended a concert in Boston last year), I, too, totally plan on returning to my middle school self for a visit to Spice World.

‘Til then…people of the world: spice up your life!

Posted by Haley

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