Pretty in Pearl

I foster fond childhood memories of sneaking into my mother’s jewelry box after raiding her closet, wrapping myself in oversized silk scarves and stumbling around in a pair of high-heels while grabbing as many mix-matched rings, bracelets and necklaces as I could get my little paws on. Eventually going on to bedazzle anything from a pair of jeans to my first cell phone, it is evident that my girlish love for all things sparkly started at a young age…and apparently hasn’t stopped since.

Aside from the lavish fairytale-esque frocks that swept Chanel’s under-the-sea Spring 2012 runway collection, nothing grabbed my attention quite like the tiny pearls embellished on the faces, bodies and hair of each of the models. Adorned down spinal cords, snaked around ear cartilages and dispersed throughout elegant up-do’s, these self-adhesive pearls, in my eyes, stole the show.

Think this is something you could rock in real life? Try these super affordable craft pearls from Martha Stewart on and let the bedazzling begin!

Posted by Emily

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