New Product Should Get the Axe

Axe, the oh-so-popular men’s grooming company, has decided to test its success in a new niche: The female market.

No doubt, Axe has had some great success with men. For a mass produced product that is available on the shelves of any CVS, I actually like the smell of some of its scents—for dudes. But for ladies? Sure, in middle school I wore those God-awful cucumber melon, raspberry and vanilla perfumes from Body Fantasies, but I was 12; wearing something from Marc Jacobs would have been inappropriate. According to Axe’s senior brand manager, the new scent, Anarchy, is a result of “females…asking for and looking for their very own scent of Axe.” Bitch, please. I have two points I would like to make regarding this new product launch:

  1. Most women buy perfumes to establish their own unique scent. You know when you borrow your friend’s sweatshirt and go “Oh, this smells like Ali?” Well that’s how it’s supposed to be! You want your signature smell to evoke a distinctive memory of you, especially for your boyfriend. You don’t want him out there thinking “Oh, she smells like my girlfriend…mmm…”
  2. You’ve all seen the Axe commercials, right? Well, here’s the problem. While all women like attention, Axe products promise a lot of attention, like throngs of people chasing after you attention. I don’t think women are looking for quite the same outcome. This parody video sums it up nicely.

Most gals would never dream of sharing their coveted scent with a friend, so I don’t see how a generic body spray will go over well in the female community. Best of luck on the new scent, Axe. I’ll probably go sniff it out when it hits shelves, but I will not be wearing it. That would be trashy.

Posted by Hannah

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