Eau de Creep

Since first offering 20-something American men the chance to smell like douche bags, Axe Body Spray has consistently marketed itself as a foolproof chick magnet. And when the company’s newest scent, Anarchy, debuts at the end of the month, women too can smell like regulars at the Jersey Shore cast’s favorite haunt, Karma. First, it was heinous man jewelry; now, body spray for women. Can we all just agree to let each sex keep exclusive sovereignty over respective accessories/grooming needs? Kthanks.

As Axe’s senior brand manager puts it, “We’ve been hearing for some time that females have been asking for and looking for their very own scent of Axe.” Okay, who are these women? J. Woww? I’ve always dreamed of smelling like dark tanning oil and stale cigarette smoke!

Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

Posted by Abby

Editor’s Note: I have the weekly honor of culling through all of the staff’s blog posts, editing and curating to create a week’s worth of m.blog posts designed to entertain, enlighten and amuse. Every now and again, two of my colleagues will write on the same topic, leaving me with the difficult decision of which to publish. The introduction of Axe body spray was apparently big news amongst the ladies at mm/c, and both Abby & Hannah took compellingly different approaches in their common derision. So in a first for m.blog, I’ve decided to run both. Am sure both will entertain and amuse….enlighten, this time ‘round? Well…2 out of 3 ain’t bad!  Read on….

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