Twitting Whilst Sitting

I have a strange relationship with Twitter. Even though I’ve been using it for almost four years, I’ve never truly become a power user. I peruse it throughout the day—but my actual tweets are pretty scattered. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without tweeting, while other times I’ll tweet 10-20 times in just one day. From a PR perspective, I find Twitter a good way to publicize and spread the word about the businesses I patronize…but while I’m sitting IN a theater, watching a movie? Yea, no thanks…

Several theaters around the country have recently introduced “Tweet Seats”—a section of the theater where using Twitter during the show, concert, movie is encouraged. I’m clearly not the target audience for these seats, but really who is?

  1. The A.D.D. audience member who cares more about playing with their phone than paying attention to the show.
  2. The egomaniac who thinks that everyone wants to know what he or she is doing at all times.
  3. The constant critic, who feels they are the authority on just about everything and thus they have the right to critique it publicly.

Is this just the beginning? Are tweet seats going to be coming soon to restaurants (a section for yelpers and food upload fanatics), public transportation (another group segregated to the back of the bus), doctor’s offices (hypochondriac hashtags) and more?

I think I’ll sit out on this tweet seat trend.

Posted by Ariel

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