When Your Favorite Lipstick Leaves You…

We’ve all had a favorite eyeshadow, lipstick, blush (insert your go-to beauty product here) that has been discontinued. Yes, it’s a sad, sad day when you realize your favorite Christian Dior lipstick has bid farewell to its home in Sephora and left you among all the other beauty-lover widows—searching your nearby outlet mall’s cosmetic store to see if they received any back stock.

If you can sympathize with my loss, you’ll surely understand my delight when I learned about the website Three Custom Color (www.threecustom.com) in the January issue of InStyle. The company, which specializes in custom blended beauty products, allows you to “stop searching for something close to your cherished shades” and instead, will perfectly match and recreate your discontinued color for you!

Here’s how it works: you select the type of product, the brand and the shade that you are looking for and Three Custom Color will quickly search previous customer results to see if they have already created a custom blend for that hue. If your requested product is a bit more obscure, the company allows you to send a sample of the discontinued product to them (the sample must be the size of a dime so they can accurately analyze the texture, color and coverage) and within two weeks, they will match it with their own custom blend.

I can’t wait to bring my tried & true Christian Dior Wild Rose back to life.

Posted by Alyssa

One response to “When Your Favorite Lipstick Leaves You…

  1. Hi! My shade of Christian Dior lipstick was discontinued. (Though Saks 5th Ave still had testers at their counter!) The number was 741 and it was a pinkish nude. However, when I check it online, they are offering a 741 in a pink that speaks to a 20-year-old. How could I even get you the correct name or shade? Does anyone else know of this shade?

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