(B)all I wanted for Christmas…

Although the weeks of indulgent eating, presents and champagne are behind us (except for Mary, that is!), there is still one gift that I’d like to get my paws on. (No thanks to you, Santa.)

The New York Times recently featured Orbotix, the U.S. start-up responsible for inventing the Sphero, a “mixed reality game experience,” or, in common-folk speak… a remote controlled ball. Connected via Bluetooth to your Android, iPhone or iPad, the Sphero is the size of a baseball and can change colors from an internal LED light. Check out a video of it here.

Whether or not the translucent baseball-sized robo ball is worth its $130 price tag remains to be seen. While I have full faith that the Sphero has a promising future, I think there are still some developments needed to really take this concept to the next level of gaming.

But for now, I foresee a promising future for the ball in the pet toy industry;  as the working mother to a hyper-active Pomeranian, I’ll take one now, any potential flaws and all!

Posted by Emily

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