Ohhh Jeez Grilled Cheese?

 A year and half ago the Grilled Cheesus was born and a new chapter in the Book of Sandwiches was written. This electronic sandwich press (think George Forman with a celestial purpose) inscribes Jesus’ head into your bread, making for one divine sandwich. Two slices of bread, some classic Kraft singles and voila! … you have yourself a miracle. Some call it godly inspiration. Some call it plain stupidity. Either way, one thing is clear…this trend has found its calling.

The Grilled Cheesus concept has since expanded to manifest itself in the new Jesus Toaster, as introduced recently by CNN’s Eatocracy. Galen Dively, Vermont entrepreneur, is bringing Jesus to toast and sandwiches all over for a mere $31.95 — not a steep price to pay for religion. Not a Jesus-lover? Don’t despair — Dively offers his toaster in 25 varieties including the Star of David, Virgin Mary and even non-religious peace sign designs. The Jesus Toaster may not be on your wish list, but it has a devout following with about 100 sold per day during the holiday season. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a grilled cheese!

Posted by Heather

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