Nothing like the holiday season to bring out the wackiest lux gifts that we never knew existed. What do you get for the coffee-loving executive that pretends to care about the environment but already has every name brand accessory? Anyone? Oh, I know: How about an uber-expensive coffee cozy to hold that $6 shade-grown organic steamed latte?

Introducing the “upcycled” crocodile coffee cup holder from Hermès (what a surprise). Now, you wouldn’t be wrong to wonder how the environmentally-friendly aspect plays into such a frivolous item. Apparently, looking to utilize their scrap leather, some snarky designer thought creating $250 coffee cozies was a genius idea.

Baffled how this concept got past the drawing boards, I was remiss to realize that Hermès was simply tapping into an under-served marketplace for luxury coffee accessories. Who else is capitalizing? Offering a similar croc holder at $165, Jimmy Choo provides the perfect alternative for those unfortunate souls who might find the Hermès price tag slightly out of reach.

Just don’t get too excited…Choo’s cozy is faux. Hey, you get what you pay for…

Posted by Emily

One response to “Splurge-Worthy?

  1. Those are fantastic, I’ve been looking for a cozy to go with my shark tooth cuff links – http://www.parkandbond.com/product/103333356

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