‘Tis the Season to be Preppy

I can’t say I’m one for DIY projects, but every once and awhile crafty endeavors catch my eye and I think to myself, “If 70-year-old Martha can do arts & crafts, why can’t I?”

I love monograms, so when I came across these large cut outs on Pinterest, I immediately had the urge to run to Michaels and go crazy with my glue gun and some garland. These monogram door hangers are the perfect alternative or addition to your standard holiday wreath.

But for those of you who are craft-challenged like me, the website Southern Proper Monograms creates three-letter monograms in a variety of sizes and they come delivered to you in an unfinished wood ready to be painted and glittered. All you need is some spray paint (I love the rich color of the gold and would recommend spraying three thin coats for the perfect hue), a wreath and a bow and your festive monogram is ready to be hung.

‘Tis the season to be preppy!

Posted by Alyssa

2 responses to “‘Tis the Season to be Preppy

  1. cute. i think the gold looks great.

  2. Inspired! God help me, I’m about to get my craft on…

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