One Less Lonely Picture

The world has been infected with Bieber fever for quite some time now. Capitalizing on that popularity, J. Biebs stamps his name on anything and everything—from nail polish to singing toothbrushes to you name it.

After goofing around with my brother over Thanksgiving, we came across something from the little Canadian sell-out that I’m really thankful for—the Justin Bieber Photobooth app for iPhones. HELLO ETERNAL JOY! This app is by far the most hilarious thing to happen to iPhones since…EVER! Now we can all pretend to be friends with the Biebs… and only for 99 cents!

Now I can forever remember Justin Bieber in pictures at parties, around the world and in front of different landmarks! Check it out—he even stopped by for a visit at marlo!

Posted by Megan

One response to “One Less Lonely Picture

  1. Hahah, I can stop replying on cat paint now!

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