Adhesive Eyeliner

Listen up fellow beauty lovers: there’s a new eyeliner on the market which could be a good beauty investment for you. And by you, I mean the eyeliner challenged.

I present to you—adhesive eyeliner. Yes, that’s right, our friends at Dior have created appliques (everything from simple black to bling’d out crystal) that (they claim) are adaptable to all eye shapes and ready to wear in minutes. While $59.00 for a package of four pairs seems a little steep, if these babies are as miraculous as they sound, maybe they’ll become the equivalent of acrylics for girls with crappy nails for girls (or guys—who am I to judge!) who lack a steady hand with pointy pencils directed centimeters from their eyes.

As for me, something about putting stickers on my eyes makes me feel like a Barbie doll (and not in the good hot blond in a convertible kind-of-way!) and I’m NOT ok with that.

Posted by Alyssa

One response to “Adhesive Eyeliner

  1. oo i look forward to experimenting with these! A good idea for people who struggle with liquid eyeliner!

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