This Blog Post: It’s Not for Men!

There is something about soda that makes me REALLY happy. Maybe it’s the sweet, almost burning, carbonation. Or perhaps it’s derived from some weird Freudian-thing since I was never allowed to drink soda growing up. Who knows….all I DO know is that however much I craved soda, I was never much of a Sprite or clear soda type of girl—Dr. Pepper has always been my man. Naturally, I was super excited for the new Dr. Pepper TEN to come out—all the flavor I love with only ten calories per serving; this is basically my dream come true. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon a Dr. Pepper TEN commercial before I got to try the new bev. I don’t think I’ve been more outraged by a commercial since… well…EVER! Let’s put it this way:  I’m no bra-burning feminist, but this commercial has gone too far.

It begins in an action-film setting, with the actor stating, “Hey ladies. Enjoying the film? Of course not! Because this is OUR movie!” The premise being that action films are for men and, hence, Dr. Pepper TEN is a manly diet soda that is meant only for the boys (the action hero even states that we can stick with our rom coms and other diet drinks). Really?? I completely understand Dr. Pepper’s advertising  team’s attempt to target the male market; since most “diet” colas are considered feminine and therefore less popular to males, they probably figure that the female audience is a given purchaser of the new soda and here’s a way to target guys. But is there no other way to make men want to buy a diet-type drink other than purporting to ban women!?

I’m not sure what makes me more upset… this commercial, or the fact that I want to end my lifelong love affair with the Doc because of this commercial!

Posted by Megan

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