No Bones About It

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays whose origins no one really seems to care about anymore, but it’s become this totally kick-ass day for three reasons: inevitable reunions that are simultaneously awkward and amazing, killer football games between longstanding rival teams, and the overindulgence of a delectable meal that probably falls into the 5,000+ calorie category. What’s not to love?!

I’ve never fancied myself a big turkey person. I mean, it’s great, I’ll eat it, but I’m not drooling for it. That’s totally not to say anything about my mom or Aunt Sue and their culinary talents; they could land themselves on Zagat’s guide to Thanksgiving if it existed. Rather, it’s just not my thing. Not doing much to help psych me up this year? GreenRidge Farm’s take on the bird.

The Illinois-based company, which calls itself a “healthy & natural delicatessen,” offers up its own version of a seemingly tasty hickory smoked turkey. Yeah, um, it’s got no bones. For the oven-lacking and carving-impaired, this thing is all breast. “Formed, steamed, and naturally smoked,” it’s been shaped to resemble the real thing. Um, except it’s not.

Pretty sure this just made the Native Americans from the First Thanksgiving roll over in their graves…among other reasons. Now get off the computer and go stuff your faces!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at mm/c!

Posted by Haley

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