Chew On This

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For some, this means creating early Christmas shopping lists. For others, it means pre-holiday dieting. In my case, it means brushing up on my Canasta and Bridge skills so I can bring my A-game to the nursing home.

Spending the holiday this year in a home for the elderly had me thinking…how can I possibly spread the joyous energy that comes with my absolute favorite holiday beyond the one day a year when the residents get a break from rubbery cafeteria food to enjoy visitors bringing home cooked meals? And then it was like the skies opened up, angels started singing and glorious rays of sunlight beamed down from the heavens and shone its rays on these little nuggets…  Behold: Thanksgiving Gumballs.

Available in classic holiday flavors, the pack of gumballs features turkey, cranberry and pumpkin pie. Finally, the goodness of Thanksgiving can be savored any time of the year. I know what gifts I’ll be baring when I walk through the doors next week…let’s just hope the dentures are up to the challenge!

Posted by Emily

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