Bye, Bye Boot Fears!

Do you look in your boots before you put your feet in them, fearing that creepy crawlers like spiders or mice (eek!) are lurking inside? Can we say, PARANOID?!?!

Rest assured; one inventor has got you covered! Wellitops are plastic boot covers that protect your shoes from anything (and everything) getting inside of them when they’re not on your feet.

Hate bringing your wet shoes inside after a day in the rain? Leave them outside—they won’t get water in them if you have Wellitops! Need a way to carry your shoes from your doorway to your closet? A handy-dandy grip aids you in transporting them. Still not sold? The Wellitop holds your boots together, so you guessed it, you’ll never be without a pair (because losing a shoe is normal, right?).

So fire your shrink and say goodbye to your boot-wearing fears!

Posted by Alyssa

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