Lemme Smang it Giiiirllll

Boston, meet smang, my new favorite word.

love introducing people to little-known, made-up words and I take it upon myself to use as many annoying abbrevs or inside joke phrases as possible so as to seem hip and “in the know.” Some of my go-to’s are “darty,” “chopa” (pronounced show-pah), “schnurr,” “snail anxiety” and “not not.” You probably don’t know what most of those words mean, and if you think you do, you don’t. But I bet I’ve intrigued you enough that you now want to be my friend. Get in line.

What exactly does smang mean, and where did I find this? It’s what I like to call a smash-bang fusion, and I learned it from Yung Humma. I actually owe credit to my friend Dave Lowe, who introduced me to this fabulous piece of verbiage. (Wait. What? That even confused me!)

If you really want to put some swagga in your step, you have to watch the music video. Sexual connotations aside, I love this word (and video, natch) because you can substitute smang for anything, and people will probably understand what you’re saying!

“Ugh…I’m so hungry I can’t wait to smang that burrito.” (desire)

“She was really smanged last night.” (judgment)

“Whattup, smang!” (excitement & endearment)

“He’s a smang piece.” (okay, okay…sexual. I had too!)

And now for the grand finale…

“I was at this darty last weekend…I wasn’t not not (you KNOW how I get snail anxiety), and I met this smang piece who’s chopa was for schnurr.”

Got that?

Posted by Hannah

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