Dear Journalist…

Working in public relations is tough. No, really, I’m not kidding. Before you roll your eyes and think, Really? Isn’t everything just one big fabulous party and the opp to boss people around? (YES, someone has actually asked me that.), let me just stop you right there.

Despite having tried to explain many times that, NO, that amazing Wall Street Journal story was not written by me, rather I made it happen, PR seems to remain an elusive trade. We must write well, listen to outrageous requests from clients (“Why aren’t we on Oprah yet?!”), and, my favorite, deal with reporters who seem to think they were personally plucked from the heavens by God, himself, and placed so delicately on this Earth with the sole purpose of DELIVERING THE NEWS!

Now, not to lump all journalists in the same category—I happen to work with a number of people I’ve fostered good relationships with and have the utmost respect for— but every now and then you encounter a true gem whose rudeness and lack of common decency make you question, Is this all worth it?! (TRUE STORY: Called a reporter recently at a well-known publication and before I could finish my first sentence, got knocked down with an exasperated The ONLY reason I answered the phone is because I THOUGHT you were Oscar de la Renta calling me back. Click. Nice.)

Well, instead of busting open like gasket, I turn to my new favorite twitter handle, @DearJournalist. While their identity remains a mystery, the PR pro behind these tweets brightens up my days with little quips I myself might not have the balls to say:

Dear Journalist: I shouldn’t have to ask if you have a minute when I called you on your business line, during business hrs and you answered.

Dear Journalist: Every question you asked was answered in my initial email. #readingisfundamental

Hey thanks for interrupting my dinner last night to send you images you needed ASAP! Then not putting them up in your coverage this am!

Oh yes that’s right, I am psychic and know you are on deadline and just calling to piss you off. My bad.

Dear Journalist: Thanks so much for hanging up on me mid-sentence.

To be fair, it’s a give and take, and sure enough there is a battling @DearPR handle where this war can continue on in the Twittosphere. Both are entertaining and offer just a little bit of camaraderie beyond the walls of the office.

Posted by Haley

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