Foxy Knoxy’s Got Balls

Without pulling a complete Nancy Grace, I think Amanda Knox is getting a little too comfortable with her newfound freedom. Recently photographed sporting a cat burglar hat and faux facial hair for Halloween, Knox has also been seen canoodling with a hipster-esque boyfriend in the months since her release from an Italian jail. It’s not like I think the girl should have come home and became a recluse, only leaving her house to get the mail and go to church, but I think this jovial public persona is a little too much. Homegirl needs an image makeover almost as much as La Lohan. Put down the Halloween costume, nix the PDA and start getting photographed doing community service, preferably while wearing a ball gown. Hey, it worked for Naomi Campbell.

Posted by Amelia

One response to “Foxy Knoxy’s Got Balls

  1. I beg to differ! After four years in an Italian prison, accused of a crime I personally believe she did not commit (and cleared in court!), Amanda definitely deserves to revel in little pleasures she was deprived of for so long. She isn’t drunkenly gallivanting around town and drawing attention to herself; she’s simply living. Why should she “prove” herself to anyone? The Mirror will continue to pain her as a villain, especially since there has been no other suspect named in Meredith Kercher’s murder and no closure for the family. But, this energy would be much better spent finding out who did it, rather than slander someone from over an ocean away.

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