Genocide Chic

“Genocide means out with the old and in with the new,” says DW Diaz in her latest video that mocks just how far some trendsetters will go to set the new trend. If you haven’t heard about DW Diaz yet, you can thank me now, because she is the next big thing.

In Genocide Chic, DW Diaz plays the role of a fashion designer who is showcasing her new collection with Native American-inspired accessories like adhesive small pox diamonds and 100% pure American buffalo blood. When flipping through my favorite fashion magazines this fall I am pretty sure I read those exact “Native American-inspired” words, so for all of you who also oo’d and ahh’d over the feathers, turquoise tones and suede pieces that fall fashion brought us, you will seriously appreciate (and shudder) at this video. DW Diaz pokes fun at how crazy it is that fashion designers were actually promoting their pieces with these types of descriptors and when you actually stop and think about it, she’s 100% correct. What’s next—“Concentration Camp Couture”?

DW Diaz has a whole collection of hysterical, thought-provoking videos that I highly encourage you to check out. A few of my personal favorites are below:

Posted by Alyssa

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