Cork This!

Nothing like having to interrupt a fine wine-drinking experience with constant trips to and from the fridge. And seriously, everyone knows whites should be served in the temp range of 48-52 degrees.

Thank god for this thing. The corkcicle, as it is so aptly named, lets me and my fellow winos enjoy a crisp chardonnay the way it should be. Not only do you get some serious chill (reusable!), but it also comes with cork attached to avoid spills.

Okay, okay, so you’re probably thinking Hey Haley, ever think of an ice bucket? Yeah, no shit, Sherlock! But all that gets you is a mess of cold water. Fine, how about a wine chiller? HA, at a few hundos, I’ll pass. Besides, that’s good shoe-shopping money!

The corkcicle is a cool—ha, get it?!—$22.95 and won’t break the bank. Besides, how about the fact that it’s just effin’ awesome?

Posted by Haley

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