Hold On, Give Me a Minute to Unfold My Boat

Attention Elian Gonzales and friends: Your worries are finally over. It’s time to hang up your swim trunks…thanks to Foldboat, you can now reach the New World hassle free.

Un-PC? Perhaps. But where else can one go but ridiculous with this wacky new concept I recently learned about from Urban Daddy. It is pretty cool and all, but seriously? First, it is made of polyethylene, which is just your typical everyday Tupperware plastic (not okay with me). Second, the most you can do with this dinky thing is row out to your bigger boat or yacht, so if you can afford one of those, I’m sure you can splurge for a decent dingy. Last, where do you put the ginormous oars that come along with they boat? Do those fold up too? If they do, that would be another red flag for me in the safety department.

My point in all of this is that people are getting overly ambitious with inventing things. Sure, a few “out there” inventions may have worked out (think Pet Rock and Snuggie), but not everyone should just wake up with a stupid idea one day and decide to spend all of their money on bringing it to reality. Watch Shark Tank on ABC and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

To the guys behind Foldboat, good luck to you. I wish you the best in your future lawsuits.

Posted by Carly

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