To Make Up or Not to Make Up, That is the Question

I don’t wear makeup. Sure, I went through a phase in sixth grade when I couldn’t put down my Hard Candy Eyeshadow Quartet compact, much to my mother’s dismay, but since then I’ve retreated to the au natural look.

Until recently, I’d never thought much about even attempting to “glam up” (I’ve secretly always been proud that I don’t own any beauty products, not even face wash), until a co-worker (ahem, ALYSSA) said “I mean come on, we’re in our 20s, girls in their 20s should be wearing makeup.” Since then, I’ve noticed that everyone around me wears some basic form of maquillage, and as it turns out, there is actual scientific motivation to do so.

According to a study paid for by Procter & Gamble (go figure), women who wear makeup are assumed to be “capable, reliable and amiable.”  You can read the study here, but The New York Times article is much more palatable. In the volunteer-based examination, participants judged women wearing varying degrees of makeup as more competent than women wearing none at all.

While I can see some truth in the findings, the results obviously depend on how good you are at actually doing your own makeup. Let’s be honest, there are many people out there who look in the mirror and think “damnnnn, I look good” when that is just not the case. Without these people, we wouldn’t have shows like What Not To Wear.

I’m not taking these results personally, but I am rethinking my beauty routine (or lack thereof). I must admit, I’d much rather be friends with the woman above when she’s wearing makeup than when she’s not. Is that bad? Now I just need to learn how to actually schmear on some gloss and apply eyeliner without making myself cry. After all, I don’t want someone singing a song about me, cooing “girl you look better with the lights off.”

Posted by Hannah

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