The Latest from America’s Favorite Rageaholic Woman Beater

The other day, I was bopping along to the radio when I suddenly realized what I was actually listening to. The chorus sang out, “You look better with the lights off, better with the lights off…”

Um, excuse me? Right away, I thought WHAT the fuck kind of song is this? I’m so not the person that thinks every song should have a positive meaning, but singing about a woman looking better in the dark?

“Better with the Lights Off” is the latest “hit” from New Boyz—a band I’ve never heard of—featuring none other than the scum of the recording industry, Chris Brown.

To make sure I wasn’t making a snap judgment—hey, there HAVE to be other lyrics I’m not picking up on here—I pulled up a site that posted the lyrics of the song in full…NOPE. Some excerpts from this gem include:

Work clothes, girl make a change. Lingerie, right like that.

Every guy wanna know how it is to clap off the lights and turn Khloe to Kim.

Shit was right so I let her hang my way…whatever you plan, gotta be done at 8.

Alright, so it’s no surprise that yet another hip hop song objectifies women. You want your shorty scantily clad? Fine. But this shit? No surprise Chris Brown’s involved here. My biggest question: Is the reason you like your girl better with the lights off because then you can’t see how you bashed her face in?

Posted by Haley

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