Don’t Forget the Cap’n Corn Starch, Mom!

Ron English is at it again. The acclaimed artist who brought us MC Supersized, Abraham Obama, and coined the term “POPaganda,” (a mix of popular advertising, brands, and cultural signifiers) has most recently turned his attention to the sugary sweetness of kid-targeted cereals. Famous brands like Trix, Captain Crunch and Frosted Flakes all get the Ron English treatment, now toting honest messages like “Excellent source of childhood diabetes,” “Dentist Recommended…A Good Source of Tooth Decay,” and “100% nutrition free.” Each box features the cereal’s signature character as an overweight salesperson, trying to get your kid addicted to its sugary goodness. First seen in LA, if you find a box, you can send it to Ron, he’ll sign it and send it back. I’m not sure if this will make kids think again before chowing down on that spoonful of sugar but I know I don’t want a taste of “Killfrog’s Sugar SMACK— What Kids Crave.”

Posted by Aimée

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