Those Domino’s Artisans Are at it Again

I recently caught a glimpse of the new Domino’s Artisan Pizza campaign, featuring pomade-haired former Top Chef-testant Fabio Viviani hawking the megachain’s line of high-end ‘zas. The ad begins with Fabio, in all his suave, thick-accented glory, stumbling over lines about the pizza’s gourmet-quality ingredients and hand-stretched thin crust while flanked by a gaggle of scantily clad gals. The spot then cuts to Domino’s homely Pizza Chef Brandon Salano, who offers a candid, no-bull reason to give Artisan Pizzas a shot—they’re only $7.99 (!!!).

Responding to the “better burger” trend toward higher quality fast food options (à la Shake Shack and Chipotle), Domino’s launched the Artisan line to stake its claim as top-dog peddler of premium mass market pizzas. Emphasizing transparency and straight-shooting, ads for the new pizzas seem to piggyback on Domino’s earlier success with the Pizza Turnaround campaign, a series of TV spots addressing and revising the chain’s subpar core product.

While I may not be placing an order any time soon (though I do dig that handy Pizza Tracker function), Domino’s clever advertising strategies have almost made me forget theYouTube scandal that set the wheels in motion. Will you be chowing down on a Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie pie?

Posted by Abby

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