Handmade Shoes in 20 Minutes

As you’ve read in previous m. blog posts, I love shoes. But as much as I love shoes, I really love shopping. Any kind of shopping—grocery, jean, special occasion, furniture, you name it—excites me. (Ok, I lied, I hate bathing suit shopping, but that’s about it.)

Anyways, while on my recent honeymoon to Italy, I promised myself and my new husband that I would not shop. That’s right, folks, I solemnly walked passed the dozens of boutiques surrounding the Spanish Steps and looked the other way while strolling the Champs Elysees in order to keep my word.

But then I found a shopping opportunity that I simply could not–and would not–pass up…

Handmade shoes in 20 minutes. Yes, the azure waters along the Amalfi Coast were gorgeous as were the oceanside cliffs that we walked up and down every day to get to our hotel, but one of the highlights of my time in Positano were the shoe shops.

Now, I’m not talking about an ordinary shoe shop where you go in and try on shoes. These were shops that only sold custom made sandals…and they were all over the village! Here’s how it works: You tell them (or in my case point and say “Grazie”) what style sandal and color leather you like and then they measure your foot with ready-made soles. Forty-five Euro and 20 minutes later, you have your very own ready-to-wear custom-made sandals.

In light of the (amazing) situation, I behaved myself by only buying two pairs of custom-made sandals. Perhaps there is a such thing as self-control? So if you’re headed to Positano, I recommend shoe shopping…oh and maybe some sightseeing too!

Safari, Positano

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One response to “Handmade Shoes in 20 Minutes

  1. When did they move the Champs Elysees to Italy?

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