Fowl Play

To say that Nicki Minaj was recently spotted rocking a rather unusual accessory on the red carpet would be old news. Generally looking like a cross between a Harajuku doll and a nightmarish version of a Candy Land character, Nicki’s fashion choices are always noteworthy to say the least. It is no secret that I am a huge fan.

However, the neon-pink chicken wing necklace she was seen wearing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival raised a few feathers. And yeah, you read that correctly: neon, pink, chicken, and necklace were all used in the same sentence.

Onch, the now-famous jeweler responsible for the meat-cessories, has created a YouTube channel explaining the inspiration behind her delicious  line of fun, wackadoo creations which also includes a Bacon Bracelet, a glow-in-the-dark pretzel necklace, and a mini pizza slice chain.

After this, and The New York Times’ pin-up chicken, I will never look at a piece of poultry the same way again!

Posted by Emily

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