Conversation Starter

I still remember the first time I heard the phrase “conversation starter” being used to describe a piece of jewelry. I was 16 and in Tiffany & Co. which, looking back, is no place for a teenager. But alas, there I was admiring the oh-so-cliché heart tag bracelet when I overheard the salesman coaxing a woman into the purchase of a ginormous diamond necklace by saying it would be quite the “conversation starter.” And friends, since that day I’ve been hooked on finding my very own “conversation starter.”

In comes Diane Von Furstenburg’s Power Ring. Weighing in at 30.55 grams, this 18K brushed yellow gold ring is embellished with a huge, ‘ole chunk of quartz. We’re talking HUGE; picture the Aggro Craig circa 1990’s GUTS on Nickelodeon. Now you may think, how is this a “conversation starter”? Well, well, let me count the ways…

First, let me state the obvious, it’s freakin’ huge and at first glance some people (read: stupid people) may think it’s a diamond and the conversation would start, “Are you engaged?” or “What does your husband do? Rig oil?” This is the perfect cocktail ring for all those hoighty-toighty charity events, benefits and other “I don’t want to go, but I have to go” occasions with stuck-up idiots.

Second, it could knock someone out or at least given them a pretty damn good bruise. This is excellent for the too-often-encountered uncomfortable bar situation. You know the type I am talking about, when some idiot comes over and gets all up in your grill (yeah, that’s right, I used the word grill). Well, ladies, now you have a form of self-defense. Flash your Power Ring and the conversation will start and end all in the same breath.

Third and last, it’s a fashion statement. For fellow fashion lovers who bow down at the thought of DVF and go bonkers over wrap dresses, this is a must-have accessory. Gaudy, sure. Fabulous, ABSOLUTELY. Fashionistas alike will flock to you, kiss your ring and shower you with compliments. What could be better?

Oh yeah, the fact that it’s only a few hundred bucks over $5,000.

Posted by Alyssa

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