A Movie About Getting Women Off

A few weeks ago, I came across the trailer for a little film making its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. Its name? Hysteria.

Introduced with “It’s the duty of every doctor to give his patients relief…” I soon realized that, no, my mind was not in the gutter; this is actually a movie about manually stimulating a woman to orgasm in order to combat the now-unacknowledged medical condition of hysteria.

With little quips like “Not enough hands to do the work,” viewers are taken on the journey of the invention of the vibrator, which, while a popular little pleasure tool today, was originally a legit medical device.

Billed as being “based on a hysterical true story” (HA! Get it?), the film, while made entertaining for the modern audience, sticks quite closely to how the vibrator came about…minus the undeniably attractive physicians played by Rupert Everett and Hugh Dancy. Something tells me that the good ‘ol docs curing this stuff in the late 1800s weren’t lookers.

The trailer concludes with the great inventor doctor proclaiming “Imagine if everyone had one!” Well, I imagine that after this thing goes mainstream, vibrator manufacturers might see a spike in orders. Don’t believe me? These actresses perform quite a sales pitch!

Posted by Haley

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