Is This the Future of Food Technology?

Last week Heinz announced a newly designed ketchup packet, the “Dip and Squeeze.” Three times the size of the standard ketchup packet you normally find at fast food restaurants, this new packet has a cute bottle shape and gives you two options for opening—a squeezing end and a dipping cavity. All pretty innocuous stuff until you discover how much time, effort, money and thought went into the redesign.

You see, the product development team at Heinz wasn’t trying to satisfy the average person’s ketchup lust, giving them an easier option to satiate their tomato-based needs. Rather, this new packet is specifically designed with one person in mind: the drive-through warrior who lives and dies eating at the wheel. Yes, that’s right. Heinz spent three years and countless dollars to develop a packet of ketchup that makes it easier for fast-food fatties to order fries on the go. So now is it easier for people, who otherwise would forgo fries and just order a sandwich and a drink, to tack on an additional 500 calories and 25 grams of fat to their meal-on-the-go.* Great news for the general health of Americans! Even greater news for auto insurance rates that will surely go up as more people get into accidents for driving while dipping!

I’d be curious to fast-forward five years and see what kind of impact this new technology has on America’s obesity epidemic and insurance rates. Not all developments are good developments people…

*Nutrition information for a large serving of French fries at McDonald’s

Posted by Amelia


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