Redheads Need Not Apply

Newsflash for the flame-haired fellas out there: don’t bother trying to donate your stuff to Denmark-based Cryos International, one of the world’s largest sperm banks. According to agency director Ole Schou, Cryos is ready to bust a load (pardon the pun) with the amount of ginger juice they have in stock, which, in case you’re wondering, is about 140,000 doses. With a glut in the market for semen from redheads, they simply can’t accept additional deposits. Sure, ginger men and women may like to bump fire-crotches, but apparently the same can’t be said of inter-hair color unions.

So, who counts as a desirable candidate? Cryos is on the hunt for brown-eyed Scandinavians/Caucasians, Mediterranean men and other ethnicities/races.  Demand is also high for smart, tall, athletic and musical donors (um, duh).

On the bright side, Christmas just came early for one of my best friends, who someday hopes to crowd the world with scads of ginger kids.

Posted by Abby

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