The Fox and Snooki

As if we needed another reason to love CNN’s silver fox, also known as the charming Anderson Cooper, now he’s become even more loveable on his new talk show under the influence of spray-tan sensation, Snooki of the Jersey Shore. Known for his courageous expeditions traveling the globe in order to provide us with the world’s breaking news, AC recently traveled a little more locally with his petite orange companion, trading in his suit and tie for feet stickies and a shower cap.  Yep, he let her take that pale bod of his to the tanning salon!

I don’t know what it is about him, but AC continues to crack me up, what with his giggle-attack  over Gerard Depardieu’s little incident, and now this unexpected mission to do like the juiceheads and highlight those ferocious guns of his.  Actually, I know exactly what it is about him…it’s the fact that a world-renowned news reporter can take a load [of clothes] off once in a while and have a little spray-tan fun with MTV’s most adored Italian/Chilean meatball.

He may not have a situation happening underneath an atrocious Ed Hardy muscle tee, but hey, he’ll be the first one to tell you about an evil tax on your precious tanning habit.  And now, when that empathy he does so well comes across, we all know he’ll be speaking from experience!

Posted by Basia

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