Beauty Is Pain…Literally.

I don’t know which is worse, the beauty treatment this man endured or the painful repercussions from the treatment gone wrong.

A UK paper reported on a 52 year old Chinese man who decided to soak in a bath of live eels, a rejuvenation treatment for dead skin. Apparently the eels nibble at the dry and dead skin to make one appear younger and healthier.

Does the thought of entering this bathtub already have you squeamish? Then prepare yourself for this next part. Reportedly a small frisky eel got confused and decided to swim up the man’s penis. I’m not kidding. The story claims that the six inch eel swam upwards into the man’s bladder, resulting in surgical removal.

If you ask me, the man had it coming. Who would actually participate in this treatment? You have to be bat crazy to think that getting into a bathtub full of eels could end well. The Metro claims that the man experienced an intense and sharp pain…well DUH! I don’t care if the eels made me a 6 foot tall skinny babe with the skin of a goddess, you would NOT get me within 30 feet of that tub. How about you?

Posted by Karen

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