Cannot Bear(d) Reality TV Anymore!

I am an athlete. I respect sports. I respect other people who play sports. That’s why nothing bothers me more than when people falsely claim that they are an “athlete,” but they don’t actually play a real sport. In my opinion, a cheerleader is a fine example of this. A bowler is another. But neither come close to the absurdity of Beard Growing.

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Whisker Wars being advertised as an upcoming TV show. I  cannot even fathom what Reality TV producers will come up with next. Are they so desperate for content that they have to turn a natural bodily process into a competitive sport? The show’s commercial tagline was “This summer, the fascinating and hair raising world of competitive facial hair growing is coming to IFC” Really? “Fascinating?” I’d rather sit and watch grass grow…in the winter!

Apparently Reality TV producers aren’t the only people who consider facial hair growing a sport: The Beard Team USA seems to think this is a pretty big deal, too. The National Championship (seriously) is being held October 8 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania…book your ticket now if you want to get in on the ground floor of what could be the next big thing. After all, who would’ve thought that eight skankballs from Jersey would become all that!?

Posted by Carly

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