A Hankering for Tom Hanks-y

Recently, my 20-year old sister notified me that Tom Hanks is her favorite actor and I was shell-shocked. Yes, Tom Hanks is a great actor, but what about the versatility of someone like Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio? The depth of Javier Bardem? Or the raw energy of Robert De Niro?

I like the majority of the movies Tom Hanks produces, directs and/or acts in, and he seems like a good guy and all, but “favorite actor”? Far from it. After much back and forth on the topic, I eventually concluded that my sister is actually a 40 year-old woman with a soft-spot for romantic comedies—stuck inside a college student’s body.

Well, it turns out that liking Tom Hanks is a lot more hip than I had originally surmised.  As “Hanksy”, a Tom Hanks-themed parody of the street art by über-chic and mysterious Banksy (glorified in the 2010 Oscar-nominated mockumentary Exit Through the Gift Shop) has been popping up all around New York. There is a Hanksy rat, a Hanksy-headed balloon boasting Catch Me If You Can, and most recently a Cast Away version of Hanksy throwing his beloved volleyball Wilson.  Is there anything more hip than being glorified through graffiti? I think not.

Tom Hanks, I do apologize, you are pretty damn cool.  But sis, he’s still all yours.

Posted by Ariel

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