\This is Not Meant to Be Funny\

To all my fellow m.blog readers and contributors: brace yourselves, for there exists a tool that will aid us in our daily extractions of bold sarcasm and extreme wit.


…the splendor that is sartalics, the sarcasm font.  No, I’m not talking about italics. Italics are meant for emphasis. Sartalics (get it?) are simply reverse italics used for sarcasm. The font’s creators are trying to reach a goal of 10,000 people to lobby the internet’s most influential individuals by tweeting pleas to implore this sarcastic script. In the meantime, we can use a backslash (\insert sarcastic text here\) to signify a cynical tone.

All in favor of sartalics can “sign the petition,” meaning, authorize your Twitter account so that when the campaign reaches 10,000 people tweets will automatically be released to top internet executives at companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and YouTube insisting on using sartalics to express all the feeling that sarcasm normally conveys.  It’s about f&*^ing time (not sarcastic, just important).

In case you’re still confused, the website explains that, “When you type what you really mean, it’s in italics and it leans to the right. Sometime in the near future, when you type the opposite of what you mean, it’ll be in sartalics and lean to the left.”

\As if we needed more sarcasm on this blog\.

Posted by Basia

One response to “\This is Not Meant to Be Funny\

  1. \I loved this post\

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