Wheel of Shoes

Those of you who know me, recognize the fact that I have an obsession with shoes. Ok, mainly, black designer shoes (because really, who needs color when most of your clothes fall in the palette of black, white, cream, gray?).

As you can imagine, it’s hard for a girl to navigate her shoe collection in the closet of a Boston apartment and it’s even trickier when they’re all the same color and perfectly tucked away in red cloth bags (ok, so maybe I dream in red, more specifically red soles).

My go-to blog, The Frisky recently posted on the “Shoe Wheel”. As cheesy as this contraption sounds, it does wonders for one’s shoes. And if my shoes are happy, I’m happy. Read: obsession.

Holding up to 30 pairs of shoes, each gets inserted into an expandable pocket and is securely kept in place. In addition to making the process of picking out your shoes quicker and easier, $65.00 gets you a tidier closest floor.  With just a spin of the wheel, you’ll be able to quickly find your purple heels and sparkly gold sling backs or in my case, your black patent leather pumps and black open toe leather pumps.

And really, when you can spin a wheel and have 4 inch Giuseppe Zanotti’s at your fingertips, who needs a Vanna White?

Posted by Alyssa

One response to “Wheel of Shoes

  1. love this!

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