Homegirl Wore a Bathing Suit on the Street

I am a thoroughbred city gal.  And when I say ‘city gal,’ I mean New York City, not Boston (no offense). But, the moment temperatures climb into the 60s and 70s; I can’t help but think about my future—the one where I lazily spend my summers on a Hinckley yacht, cocktailing with friends, getting tan. Sigh.

I digress…

Recently, I accompanied Haley to Lord & Taylor to masochistically indulge in a round of swimsuit fittings, when the bright colors of DKNY’s 2011 swimwear collection caught my eye.

I am obsessed with these two bathing suits. And no, not for wearing to the beach.  Let’s be serious, I am far too concerned with maximizing my tan when I’m outside to even think about covering up more than the necessities. However, I love these suits as fitted party tops under a simple black maxi skirt or cute pair of shorts.  And what better combo? Bathing suits are manufactured to comfortably hug your curves in a fabulous quick dry fabric—perfect for wicking away those unwanted sweat marks you worked up on the dance floor of da club.

My favorite tweeter, DKNY PR Girl happens to agree so don’t hate—if American Apparel expects me to wear a nylon mesh jumpsuit out in public, I can certainly wear a retro-inspired bathing suit on the city streets.

Posted by Hannah

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