Ink for Your Inner Artist

I won’t lie to you. I’ve never considered getting a tattoo. I get sick of nail polish colors within days, so the thought of permanent pigment on my body makes me break out in hives. Paired with my embarrassing dread of needles, it’s safe to say there’s no ink in my future.

I do, however, appreciate the artistry that goes into tattoos, and the significance behind the marks. I have to stop myself from blatantly staring at the ink on fellow T riders’ arms, and I love a good tattoo story beyond the typical “One night in college when I was drinking…” tale. Needless to say I’m more curious than carefree about tats.

So when I came across Amanda Wachob’s body art I was beyond intrigued. The trained artist creates unbelievable modern and conceptual style tattoos that resemble the soft paint strokes of art on canvas. Her most unusual creations are her abstract pieces that mimic paint splatter and simple brush strokes on her clients’ appendages.

Anyone bold enough to have one of her unconventional marks goes up a few notches in my book. Head to Dare Devil Tattoo in NYC to get one of your own. I’ll just put it right out there: Rocking Wachob’s abstract ink makes you instantly cooler than me.

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