Old MacDonald Had Some Sushi

From trolling the top blogs to poring over the latest glossies, we’re never at a dearth for interesting food news here at mm/c. But every once in a while, a story crosses my path that stands apart from the fray, sometimes because it’s genuinely interesting and novel, but usually because it’s incredibly nasty. Well, if our news about Ippuku’s traditional Japanese chicken tartare put you off your lunch, hold onto your stomach…the stakes just got a lot more meaty.

Tokyo restaurant Niku Sushi made headlines on CNN’s Eatocracy for igniting a trend toward raw meat sushi. No, not of the spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon variety; I’m talking livestock fresh from Old MacDonald’s farm. Turns out, the restaurant’s chicken, pork, beef and horse meat sushi has found a strong fan base in Japanese women, some who even get their caveman on at thrice weekly visits. According to CNN, these “carnivore girls” emerged as a response to Japan’s rash of “herbivore boys,” men who shun traditional masculine thinking and choose not to fulfill the role of provider. Well, appealing to the women’s meaty tastes seems to be proving lucrative—Niku Sushi recently expanded to four locations and is considering franchising the business.

As for me, I don’t think I’ll be picking up on this fad should it ever move stateside.  I may like my meat on the rare side, but, at least for now, I’ll stick to proteins without a pulse.

Posted by Abby

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