Cashing in on MJ’s Ghost

I’ve never bought into the whole psychic thing. I tend to roll my eyes at the thought of summoning spirits, and I definitely don’t believe in the magical practices of palm-reading or tarot cards. No offense to any mystics out there, it’s just not my thing.

But when the Boston Phoenix reported that a Florida psychic had received ghostly messages from none other than the King of Pop, I had to check it out. Sylvia “Lilly” Schenatzky, a psychic from Melbourne Florida, is cashing in on the never-ending MJ craze with the most creative of approaches: his ghost.

My ever-lasting love for Michael (I once learned the entire Thriller dance with my college roommate), combined with Schenatzky’s clever sales ploy, had my eyes glued to the paper during my morning subway commute.

The clever little Florida clairvoyant claims to have heard recurring messages from MJ himself, including brand new lyrics to a song. Sound like a get-rich-quick plan to you? Ditto. But I have to admit that some of the supposed messages are pretty convincing (not to mention thoroughly entertaining!).

According to Schenatzky, the supernatural Neverland native called her “the chosen one,” adding “I searched my whole life for you” when she asked the spirit to leave her alone. He also told her that he was murdered (does this count as evidence in a court case??) and needed her help. And after some thorough “automatic writing” in a dreamlike state, Schenatzky had the words to an all new song (show them to us already!).

Needless to say while I wait for the release of a post-death MJ song (Please let there be some sort of animated music video involved), I’ll be following Lilly Schenatzky’s press mentions closely. My psychic abilities tell me that we’ll be seeing Ms. Schenatzky either in court and/or at the American Music Awards in our near future!

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2 responses to “Cashing in on MJ’s Ghost

  1. She’s not crazy. If you would have asked me that a year ago I’d say yes. But it happened to me too and to other I found on the internet. We all seem to have the same story. This spirit comes into women’s lives (being MJ or a spirit pretending to be him) and offers the same romantic music, This is It, Speechless, City of Angels movie, Iris (Goo Goo dolls) etc. and the same romantic lure. I too was not a crazy fan, it just happened after his death. This spirit needs help crossing over, and not books written about him. I love Michael, but I think it’s time someone helps him and says NO to writing books etc. All these women think they are the only one, but they are not. I believe he is confused and need spiritual help.

    Michael was a very loving human being. However he, as with many other souls stay earthbound for various reasons. It is not good, and we cannot encourage them to stay. This has been going on with me for almost a year. How can 3 woman have a similar story and songs he used to get our attention? At first, since I NEVER had a psychic experience or communication with deceased, I thought I was imagining it. But after several months I knew it was very real. Now I hear similar stories with this woman and another, and I know what’s been happening. Earthbound spirits are confused and can also bring in unwanted spirits which is what has happened to me. I am still dealing with them. I’ve sought clergy help, paranormal help etc. I have offered to contact his family privately, but to no avail. I wish anyone who has had contact would try to get this spirit to cross over or go to a higher realm where he’ll be happier and see the grace of God. The more we encourage earthbound spirits to stay here the more they’ll get into trouble. They need to cross over, and if you truly care about someone you’ll help them do so. It’s tough love.

    Someone needs to contact his family and make them aware of what’s going on. When someone dies under anesthesia and drugs, they can get confused and stay earthbound. They turn to people, fans, etc to get their attention. It is NOT normal to have such close communication with a spirit. That means they are earthbound. Earthbound spirits turn to the living for energy. Unfortunately it can cost the ones living their sanity and health.

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