WTF Fashion and Other Forever 21 Gripes

As a lover of all things trendy and cheap, I’m a big Forever 21 fan. When the CA-based chain of poorly-made designer knock-offs opened up a multi-story location on Newbury Street earlier this year, my desire to be outfitted in rompers, $20 platforms and ‘80s hip hop-inspired jewelry was sated. Who cares if everything falls apart after one wash? It’s not like you’ll be rocking this more than once anyway—though it did seem like a good idea at the time. Despite the fact that half my closet is filled with this kind of crap, there are more than a few things you see at F21 that stop you in your tracks, make you snap a pic on your phone and send to your friend just so you can say “WTF? Does anybody actually wear this kind of shit?”

There’s a blogger out there who agrees with me. On, a savvy fashionista scans the racks of Forever 21 looking for the serious style “misses”— a shoe-shaped ring holder,  a sequined tube top ostensibly designed for baby hookers, gold lamé boat shoes and so much more. The blog pulls together those terrible crimes of fashion that clutter up an otherwise perfect oasis of cheap, trendy crap. Despite this shit, I still love F21 and will continue to spend $40/week on eight articles of clothing that I will inevitably despise by the next week. Who’s with me?!

Posted by Amelia

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