All the Cool Kids Are Doing It…

Ready for the weird fact of the century? From age ten through my high school graduation I was a competitive synchronized swimmer. That’s right, wipe that floral bathing cap, sideways dive image out of your head, I’m talking three hour practices four days a week with strength trainers, Pilates instructors and lap coaches. Laugh all you want, but to this day swimming a synchro routine is the best workout I’ve ever had. The sport may have granted me a rockin’ bod and a ridiculous lung capacity as a teen, but synchronized swimming wasn’t exactly what the cool kids were doing in high school.

Of course, now that I’m a few years out of high school and I’ve (reluctantly) left the sport, synchronized swimming is all the rage in the entertainment industry. Marie Claire writer Erin Flaherty took a stab at the sport for a glamorous beauty feature in the July issue and reported that while trying Hollywood’s latest obsession she “nearly drowned.” The Aqualillies, a team of synchronized swimmers featured in Flaherty’s article, are being hired left and right to perform at parties all over LA.

I’m jealous. The nerdy sport that consumed my free time in high school is now actually cool.

So while I kick myself for not going to a college with a synchronized swimming team, I dare you to give the newest exercise trend a shot. Local clubs and teams to join for a swim can be found at, and I promise it’ll be a workout like no other. Kate Moss tried it and reported that it made her exceptionally toned (like she wasn’t toned before?).

Oh and any casting directors out there looking for bathing beauties for upcoming movies…give me a call. I can still hold my breath well beyond normalcy and perform a killer rocket split.

Posted by Mary

3 responses to “All the Cool Kids Are Doing It…

  1. Great post Mary! You dedicated so much of your youth to this sport. It will continue to pay off with exceptional health and well-being for years to come!

  2. you write great blog posts!!! i love reading this blog!! keep them coming girl!!

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