This Little Piggy Went to the Jersey Shore

Though not exactly a harbinger of good taste, Snooki is spot-on about one thing: pickles have a place in haute cuisine. House-pickled fruits & veggies are everywhere these days, from the rims of cocktail glasses to charcuterie platters.  And now, according to the pint-sized Pickle Princess, they’ve earned their due in haute couture as well. Combining her love of pickled cucumbers with a passion for beach footwear, Snooki is teaming up with MeyeWorld to launch a line of pickle print flip-flops and wedges. Ranging from $15-$50, the collection debuts later this year and a follow-up line is scheduled for spring 2012.

I’ve gotta hand it to her: home-slice (or her “people” anyway) sure has sure figured out how to parlay a somewhat tired reality show into a (seemingly sustainable) mini empire. Like Snookers, I fancy myself quite the pickle aficionado (I’ve been known to eat kosher dills and bread & butters by the jar), but I don’t think I’ll be investing in a pair of these kicks. Brine, sequins and Snooki? Sounds like a recipe for a Shore-style fashion (flip) flop.

Posted by Abby

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