If Your Fridge Could Tweet, What Would it Say About You?

Well you’re about to find out…

The masterminds over at Samsung have come out with a fridge that
(among other things) Tweets, plays Pandora radio, and keeps you on
schedule with Google Calendar.

Samsung says that this will make it easier for families to leave
messages for each other.  How sweet.  Call me old-fashioned, but I’ll
stick with the Post-its and Sharpees.  Hell, I’d take a chisel and
slab of rock before I dropped $3000 on a refrigerator.  The only thing
I want from my refrigerator is cold food, and that’s that.

Posted by Courtney

90 responses to “If Your Fridge Could Tweet, What Would it Say About You?

  1. I can just imagine the tweets… Melanie just took a full quart of icecream out of the freezer and hasn’t put it back yet!

  2. …and the next fridge breakthrough — you receive the following email:

    “‘Your refrigerator’ wants to be friends on Facebook. Do you want to confirm this friendship?”


  3. $3000? Ridiculous. My fridge would say “Clean me out!”

  4. My fridge would say “Please buy groceries more regularly, and hey, what’s that stench?”.

    What would yours say to you? What would it tweet?

  5. La Bella Noire

    This is another case of electronics manufacturers doing too much. I really don’t need to be so connected that I can’t make it to my fridge without sending a tweet. I’ll try keeping in touch with my family via carrier pigeon before I’d even think about putting that monstrosity in my kitchen.

  6. It would say, “You again?”congrats on FP

  7. Lol this will take obesity to a whole other level you can eat and be entertained with out leaving the kitchen;0) Great post and congrats on being pressed. http://www.copperetiquette.wordpress.com

  8. Lol…they could sure be useful you know. Advance with the age. In a matter of time. Things would be mind controlled. So be prepared.

  9. I don’t know. To me this sounds awesome. I really want one just to see it how it works out. Of course only if the price is right 🙂

  10. This is clearly the best fridge in the world.

  11. “Call me old-fashioned, but I’ll stick with the Post-its and Sharpees. ” LOL!

    If my fridge could tweet I think I would probably be embarrassed.


  12. It would say “Well now that i can talk im going to talk things over with you. First why in the world would you put a camcorder in me?? HUH??” Me”Well if keeps people from stealing it. Do u understand?” Fridge ” Yea i can deal with it” Me “Friends?” Fridge ” Friends”..

  13. That is shweeeeet man!

  14. I don’t need my fridge smart enough to start telling me what food to put in it! And that sounds like the next step from this fridge. No thanks! lol 🙂

  15. sick! i hope it flops. although anything that brings us one step closer to The Jetson’s is, in theory, kinda cool. Well actually I just want my own personal Rosie.

  16. I agree with you. White board and a dry-erase marker and I’m set. I demand cold food, fridge light and ice cubes, that’s about it. If someone where to spend $3thousand on a fridge, I’m sure the last thing they do it stock the thing full. Imagine the mom with kids, “QUIT! PLAYING WITH THE FRIDGE IT’S NOT A TOY”…sounds stupid.

  17. A refrigerator that tweets? Seriously? What’s next, an oven that blogs?
    I wonder what our world would be like if all the electronics could talk. I could guarantee one thing: my Macs would complain endlessly on the number of hours I use them each day. Aww, poor Macs. I really should consider giving them a vacation.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!
    Ashley, aka The EverydayMuser

  18. Funny. My kids wanted the fridge that did pre-measured amounts of water so they didn’t have to stand waiting for their water glass to fill up! Wow, so lazy.

  19. jimgilmore2010

    Does it know what you eat?

  20. looool! cold food. but $3000 for a fridge?! 0_o

  21. I am with you. All I need from a fridge is to keep my ice cream frozen and food from spoiling without freezing it in the vegetable drawer.

  22. My fridge would probably rally with the Hunger Monster and push food in my face every time I walked by!

  23. whether its a good feature or not, it gave me thought for a new post here: http://wp.me/ptWjb-8I


  24. humanitarikim

    Fancy, but I don’t see my family using it for anything other than mischievousness. 😛

  25. If such a fridge could help me prevent MOLD BOMBS from exploding in my fridge, I’d save my pennies and buy it promptly. The question is whether or not it could–I’m usually impervious to even the most engaging and organized of “clean the fridge you FOOL” prompts.

  26. Lol …………. But really, you might be right, but as a tech enthusiast, I think its cool 🙂

  27. the only message i leave for my flatmate is that: leave the apple alone! 🙂

  28. acrankywomansview

    Interesting and agreed- I wouldn’t spend that much on a fridge either;)
    Though you could totally make a blog about over eating with that title. . .I was expecting that and thought, mine would tweet, “does she really think she needs that soda?” 😉 LOL

  29. I totally agree with you, with all of the technology we have today, why would we need more things like that?

  30. my fridge would say “im hungry fill me up with food”
    great post


  31. Sigh.. another overpriced gizmo. Making something high-tech just because you can doesn’t make it functional. And it certainly doesn’t make this neccesary.

  32. Mine would probably tweet one of two things: Who put the orange juice back without putting the cap on? Followed by a close second: Who ate the rest of , without saving any for me?!

    Silly contraption. I guess there is something for everyone, eh?

  33. This is really cool; however, I’m with you, I will not be able to spend 3000 for it…

  34. I like the water and ice dispensers, but no thanks on the Google.

  35. WOW, that is high tech. Kind of a cool concept, but you’re right – much cheaper to just do it the old fashioned way!

  36. What?!
    Don’t be a curmudgeon, embrace the thought of not killing trees (post-its), having music without a radio (pandora), and shopping from the front door of your cool-box (you will be able to fresh direct the second the item is gone. Some newer models will order it for you if you like).
    I’m sure that at some indefinite time not too recently past, other people swore off the use of a simple fridge claiming that salt curing was the best way to go.
    Roll with it. Don’t buy it until the priced drop, but i wouldn’t condemn the thing… it’s pretty sweet!

  37. Where does it end???? Ridiculous. Thank you for sharing!


  38. If it could detect what was being put in and taken out of the fridge/freezer, it might be worth while. It would make putting together a shopping list much easier.

    Ooh, if it had the option to tweet everything you took out, even better if you are trying to eat healthier. Then your “friends” could see and comment “Hey, I noticed you took out a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and never put it back last night, care to explain?”.

    Even then, I don’t forsee myself plopping down $3K for a fridge/freezer. Can you pass the chisel?

  39. If you need twitter and pandora on your FRIDGE I think that’s a sign you are spending to much time eating….

  40. I agree with you….one more thing to brake. If something goes wrong with your pen or your Post-it note, you are only out about a buck! LOL

  41. If my fridge could tweet it would say that I’m a total loser with too much money and time on my hands. Why are we wasting technology on garbage like this when I still can’t have legitimate virtual reality machines or a jet-pack?

  42. Fridge: “Step AWAY from the cheesecake”.

    Cat: “Just one more slice, pleeeeeease?”

    Fridge: “Shut the door NOW or I’ll beep for help”.

    Cat: “O.k, o.k, I’m going”.

    Fridge: “Take the mayonnaise with you. It’s been off for a month”.

    No thanks. If I wanted conversations like that every day, I’d move back in with my mother.

  43. Samsung Galaxy Tab vs APple Ipad … Wow I wonder … 🙂

  44. Yeah, I’m with you… I don’t need a fridge that will tweet me what my family wants for dinner…lol…. now, if they could come up with a fridge that automatically sends me messages to alert me that we have run out of milk or the yoghurt is about to be out of date- now THAT would be cool….lol.

  45. wowww… there is no limit for technology 🙂 a new one

  46. 1) I just want cold food from my fridge, and not conversation
    2) I am a household of one, so one wonders… would this feature be so I can talk to myself electronically, so that my fridge and I can start having conversations, or so that my fridge could start tweeting out to the outside world my eating habits? And which of these should creep me out least?

  47. I know what Samsung should do: ship a refrigerator with a smartphone and tablet dock in it. That way your devices are protected from any kitchen liquids that happen to be flying around while offering the same functionality as this fridge without the added expense.

    I agree with the author’s statement, there, although I do think they’ll have a decent toehold in the market for those who just have to have the newest tech.

  48. LOL that’s what the refrigerator for , cold food

  49. Be good if you could type in the food you have in your fridge (list of ingredients) and it suggests recipes!

  50. Ok, seriously. Who else would use this just to pretend their refrigerator had gained sentience?

    “Open the door, Fridge.”
    “I’m sorry, William. I can’t do that.”

    “Daisy, daisy…”

  51. I would feel better about it if it told me I was out of something and then gave me money to get it…now that’s great technology!

  52. I dont even think I would want to know what my fridge would be saying to me!!

  53. If my fridge could Tweet, everyone would now about my obsession with ice cream… not that it’s a secret… I just love it. LOVE IT.

  54. I’m laughing out loud. I think the chisel image is great.

  55. Oh wow. I want it. Not for Twitter; I don’t use Twitter; but I like the idea of leaving little digital messages for your family. Very fun!

  56. Oh, I just read that is can access a recipe app. That’s pretty snazzy.

  57. I can just see my fridge now, “Um excuse me, you just worked out for an hour and you’re going to eat THAT?” Hah! As cool as it would be, I’m not sure I’m into such a fancy refrigerator. I can barely work the humidifier in our house!

  58. Hmm….probably,
    “And she’s back….again”

  59. “I’m at my refridgerator.”
    Look! It’s just like every single other tweet on twitter! A useless, boring fact about where you are!


  60. Agreed – I never understood the desire for this sort of technology on a fridge. Why would anyone want to stand in their kitchen using a shitty computer or watching a TV stuck to my fridge when they can, you know, sit on the couch five metres away in the living room or the chair in the office in front of their usual computer?

  61. @givemethreethings – That would take the fun out of browsing recipes, yes?

    I can see that a flood of appliances that tweet would move the (public) twittersphere further along the road to filled with tweetspam. However, like all new tech, it’s all to easy to dismiss this as gratuitous and silly. For example: Why would you ever want to read a book electronically? Of what possible use is a “mouse” pointing device on a computer? Why would you want to take a story everybody knows and write it down? Familiarity without imagination breeds assumptions.

    Of course, this could easily turn out to be as useless as handwriting recognition.

  62. Oh dear God. I don’t think I need to world knowing about my outlandish cheese and alcohol consumption!

    I feel as though I like my iPhone letting me tweet, but my fridge? Really? I’m always holding my phone when I go to my fridge anyway. 😉

    Congrats on being pressed! Love the blog and your attitude!
    Bridget and the Girls with Prius Envy

  63. My fridge would say something along the lines of
    “You only use me when you need something, this relationship isn’t equal”

  64. wow. that is pretty cool. but if you think about, who really needs a fridge from which you can tweet or have a calendar? the purpose of a fridge is to keep food cold and edible- and nothing more. congrats on being freshly pressed! :]

  65. I just imagined my fridge talking to me with the voice of Morgan Freeman “I know your hungry…Monica.”


  66. Cash grabs – nothing surprises me anymore.

  67. A fridge/computer combo… Not sure what to think about it or how it would actually work. Good old-fashioned paper and fridge magnets still work fine 🙂


  68. Wow, are we really this addicted to social networking that we have to have it on our fridge now?

  69. As I grab the cheesecake…”Is that a need? Or a want?”
    Fun post~congrats on FP!

  70. Mine would say “Can you please throw out the leftovers?” But really…I think it would be kind of cool to leave notes, have a calendar etc. Maybe I wouldn’t have so much clutter on my refrigerator if I had that.

  71. I’ve read somewhere that there are some household appliances bundled with an Android-powered thingy somewhere. This might be one of them.

    If you ask me, no, I’m not buying. I have my phone for that.

  72. nowadays, its just the people who ruled out the world…
    maybe tomorrow or next month we are all not working and technology is the one working for us..

  73. Mine would probably say: “I am the coolest thing in your house.”

  74. I would camp my behind right in front of the fridge. Actually, I would put it in the middle of my living room. That would end up badly…for me and the fridge. I wonder if they make a fridge with 3D screens.

  75. I think it would be neat in a sharehouse so it could tweet the culprits who stole what. I think this feature will be maligned by indulgent snackers though.

  76. I think I’d rather have an iPad. I’ll keep my fridge for its intended purpose of storing food.

  77. oh no! our fridge would probably totally start hitting on the dishwasher, and then she’d have to block him, because the washing machine would get so totally jealous. and no one would talk to the little microwave anymore.
    i’m really against it.

  78. Oh my, what’s next?! A toilet that has a monitor screen and Wi-Fi access? I wouldn’t doubt it. I sure hope my toilet wouldn’t be tweeting though. If you thought the things your fridge could say about you was embarrassing…..

  79. Yeah, but the next time someone goes to get something from the kitchen, instead of shouting, you can get your phone out, send a tweet to the fridge and that person can get you an item, think of all the strained voices it will save every year.

    By the way, if the entire family uses it, that’s going to be one seriously messed up Pandora account.

  80. I have enough guilt about eating in the middle of the night or eating the worst things possible for me without my fridge broadcasting it to everyone on twitter. This is a perfect example of smart people using their intelligence for the dumbest things ever.

  81. My fridge would scream, “You’re an idiot for spending that much on this!”

    And it would weep about the 5 year old jar of pickles still festering in its back right corner.

  82. haha yes I agree totally about the cold-food-only idea. Honest, if my fridge could tweet to me, I’d be so scared I’d give it away. It’d probably tweet like crazy, asking me to clean it out and complaining about me not taking it out for walks. o.0 Creepy.

  83. Fridge say ‘Only frozen food here.’

  84. My fridge would say , Enough is enough i am cold ever since i was borne i want a beach holiday in turkey. If not i want some fusion glass fridge magnet with warm colors.

  85. Could be a great way to diet.
    If i knew my fridge would announce to the world every time I stood with the door open and eat the nutella out the jar, I might just want to cut down on that naughty habit.

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  87. in this day and age who had $3k for a darn frig! your lucky if you can keep it stocked with food. My tweet would probably be “frig empty”!

  88. If I buy this from my pocket money, I wouldn’t be left with any money to buy food to keep into this fridge.

    Pranav Garg,

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